A photographer and videographer devoted to click, film and travel

Firstly thank you for taking the time to look at my work. This website has been years in the making.

A little about me if you’re interested? I’m a self taught photographer. I studied Marketing, learning how things work and more importantly how to advertise keeping in mind the modern trends of the market. I worked in advertising for over 2 years. but this career path didn’t start then, it started as a hobby when i got my first camera as a gift in 1999, it later turned into a full time business which led me where I am today.
Although my initial attempts were decidedly mediocre, I was hooked! Feeling sufficiently encouraged to pursue my new passion, i saved money to buy an SLR. That was the time I decided that along with studying for a degree, Photography is what i want to do as a career.
Working for advertising agencies and MNC’s for a couple of years gaining on job experience and learning I had established my own company by the name of BEYOND THE CANVAS STUDIOS where film making and photography go side by side. I tickled my creative nerves and learnt to film what appealed me. Its been 6 years and I’ve worked hard to bring it where it is now. From working with clients like Sprite Arabia, Dominos, Lux, Nestle, Ritz-Carlton, Samsung to making travel logs and weddings films. I have put my heart and soul into this passion of mine. I have cultivated my own unique style and built up my small business through professionalism, reliability and attention to detail. At times I still fail technically and creatively but I find that is the best way to learn. I set myself personal and career goals to keep me focused.

Photography has been my chosen career since 2009. It is a privilege to work with all my clients and the pleasure I gain today from seeing their response to my work, is as great as it was on the day I took my very first picture.



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